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Childhood Fancies Ch. 5-6 by Methuselah87 Childhood Fancies Ch. 5-6 by Methuselah87

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Chapters 1 and 2 [link]

Herded to obey the same rules and regulations of the other unworldy offspring on the star ship, Spock continues his journey towards his mother and earth patiently. Mapping, calculating, and wondering how the heck he grew so tall, Spock entertains his room with three other children. Two twins with rowdy personalities, and a Hundrit, a bird species similar to humans and sparrows mixed together in a blender with strange colors. Growing up has always been planned for the young Vulcan. As he realizes that he'll have to be treated like everyone else, even if his education is far superior, for now he is content to puzzle over his body's strangely erratic growth spurts and the strangeness of other beings.

On the road to Florida, accompanied by both his parents and his adored older brother Sam, Jim gazes at the clouds and wonders what awaits them at the ocean. Tolerating the
long road to his grandmother's small town, he dreams, unaware of the lifelong friend he's soon to meet.

Chapters 5-6 of my new Star Trek fanfiction. :)

Ch. 7-8 [link]
Ch. 3-4 [link]


Spock x Kirk :heart:
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